With merrea, you inspire every wear.

Every wear is a support to the artisans who made products out of passion and need. There is meaning and intention on every piece that's created, on every jewelry that's weaved and formed.

Merrea is proud to partner with these artisans who create beautiful products for all of us:


Sesotunawa products are handcrafted by the tau temwel (Tboli brass smiths) from Lake Sebu South Cotabato, Philippines. The designs are inspired by everyday objects in nature, symbolizing their connection to the environment which is the source of their identity and culture.

Sesotunawa aims to celebrate and bring different products of Sesotunawa from Lake Sebu to the world in different forms of handicrafts, brass-cast products, woven goods, and beads along with stories of sesotunawa from the Tbolis of Lake Sebu.

Sesotunawa is inspired by a special kind of virtue lived by the Tbolis of Lake Sebu. It is a community ethos that drives the Tbolis of Lake Sebu to be compassionate, peace-loving, and unified.

Every purchase helps the livelihood of the Tbolis as well as support their aim to preserve their culture.

Photo credit: Sesotunawa


Tejo formed a community-based livelihood program in Paranaque City, Philippines. Currently, they have seven livelihood partners, one of them used to be a homeless mother and a recipient of government’s Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program. All their current livelihood partners are mothers who use their income to bring food into their homes and to pay for their children’s tuition fees and other household expenses. Their husbands do not have a stable flow of income.

Their livelihood partners are paid for every piece they weave and are generously compensated. This mode of compensation gives them the opportunity to grow as the business grows.

By purchasing and wearing their pieces, you weave hope into their dreams of securing a better future for themselves and their families.

Photo credit: Tejo


To Stand. To Build. Together.

TAYO is the social enterprise that aims at breaking the chains of poverty and injustice. Tayo exists to empower their artisans as they write new stories of hope and freedom.

TAYO women are brave, bold and full of joy. They carry light. They carry hope. They carry freedom. TAYO women have stepped out of slavery and into a life of freedom. They have chosen to leave the bars where they were once trafficked, manipulated, sold and exploited.

Every purchase is partnership for continued restoration, hope and dignity.

Photo credit: Tayo

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