Start with WHY, says speaker and author Simon Sinek.

So here's why this webshop is here.

I got my ear pierced when I was 11. And ever since, I wouldn't leave the house without a pair of earrings on. I believe earrings highlight a woman's eyes and smile. It is that extra adornment, extra charm that makes a woman more beautiful.

But beauty just for the sake of looking beautiful do not impress me so much. Perhaps it's just me, or perhaps it's the truth.

Your beauty should have purpose.





Merrea is created because I encourage women to wear something that has purpose, meaning, depth. If your piece of jewelry is a support for another human to send her/his kids to school, your beauty lives on in the lives of their children.

If your piece of jewelry helps another, your beauty is not only on how you look, but also on who you are.

Merrea is all about encouraging women to buy products that support social enterprises, buy products that directly help another. The world has a lot of lies about beauty, but merrea highlights beauty that are generous, thoughtful and supportive to the talents and products of others who are in need.

Let's wear something that means something. Let's be intentional with what we wear and bold in helping others.

With merrea, you inspire every wear.

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