I am aghast with how the world defines beauty. And that many of us actually believed in the beauty standards of the world.

Beauty isn't how white you are, or how flawless your skin is. It's in the way you carry your scars and insecurities and accept them as part of your story.

Beauty isn't how beautiful or expensive your clothes are. It's in the way you carry yourself, though painstakingly, when life's problems and trials come. And I'm telling you, they're gonna come no matter how much money you pay to trick them.

Beauty isn't about having the perfect face. It's about having the smile to share to others.

Beauty isn't about how much you have, but about how much you give away.

It should not be about just fashion, but also about inspiration. Inspiration to share to others about being courageous, trustworthy and friendly.

Women, let's accept the fact that we are beautiful. Our physical form may not be what the world thinks is great, but stop listening to what the world says.

Beauty is within you - your smile, generosity, boldness. These things the world can't measure and definitely above and beyond the world's standard of beauty.

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